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An Essential in Every Work Environment

The Alcagel Hand Sanitiser Gel was originally developed for the medical profession.  It has been widely used in hospitals, in doctors’ surgeries and in care homes with outstanding success.  Because, today, there is a decline in the effectiveness of antibiotics to control infectious diseases, Alcagel’s role is greatly enhanced.

Alcagel is a proven alcohol antibacterial hand gel that reduces the risk of cross contamination in a known germ environment. Similar to purell hand sanitizer it is an essential aid in Infection Control.

Alcagel Hand Sanitiser is certified to kill 99.99% of all common germs within 15 seconds of contact and unlike many others on the market, Alcagel has been tested and approved to BS EN 1276 & BS EN 1500. Scientifically tested to kill MSRA & E Coli.

This products is not scented and leaves no residue.

Used extensively throughout Hospitals, Surgeries, Veterinary Practices, Dentists, Hotels, Banks and Care Homes as well as Offices, Work Environments (including catering and hospitality establishments), and homes.

Eight Good Reasons to Use Alcagel Hand Sanitiser Gel

  • Kills 99.9% of germs on contact

  • Use with or without Water

  • Comes in handy 500ml bottle with pump

  • No Sticky Residue

  • Reduces Risks of Infection

  • Proven to kill MSRA & Ecoli

  • Moisturises the skin

  • Quality UK Manufactured Product