Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

1. Definitions for these Terms & Conditions

1.1  “Critical Hygiene Supplies” (hereinafter referred to as “Critical Hygiene”), refers to a trading name of Deal Locators, a business domiciled in the UK.

1.2  “The customer” and “The Client” refers to any firm, organisation or person(s) who wishes to purchase or purchases items from Critical Hygiene.

1.3  “The Parties” refers to Critical Hygiene and the Customer.

1.4  “Goods” and “items” refers to any item or items that are subject to any purchase order from the customer to Critical Hygiene.

1.5  “Interested Party” means the Customer, the Client and/or any other party with an interest in the item(s) involved in a purchase order.

1.6  “Customer’s Account” or “Account” refers, in general terms, to the amount the customer owes to Critical Hygiene for goods supplied to the customer either directly or indirectly.

1.7  For the purpose of clarity within these terms & conditions, (i) the singular shall also mean the plural, and visa versa, and (ii) the male gender shall also mean the female gender, and visa versa.

2.  User Agreement

2.1  Use of the Critical Hygiene website is subject to the terms contained within Deal Locator’s User Agreement. The terms and conditions herein should be read in conjunction with the Deal Locator’s User Agreement.

3.  Privacy Policy

3.1  The Privacy Policy for Critical Hygiene is covered by Deal Locator’s Privacy Policy.

4.  Retention of Title

4.1  Any goods purchased through Critical Hygiene will remain the property of Critical Hygiene until the sale payment is paid in full.

5.  Payment Terms

5.1   Where a customer does not have or has not been granted a credit account by Critical Hygiene, payment must be made when placing the order and in any event prior to the dispatch of the goods ordered.

5.2  Customers are at liberty to apply to Critical Hygiene for a credit account. Critical Hygiene, at its own discretion, may grant a customer a credit account but is under no obligation to do so nor to give reason for any refusal.

5.3  Account customers will be invoiced on a monthly basis with monies owed due for settlement within 28 Days of the end of the month in which the goods were purchased.

5.4  Failure to pay the monies owed within the period as detailed above may result in the goods being collected and returned to Critical Hygiene.  Upon return of the goods any used or damaged goods will be subject to payment.

5.5  The collection of the goods will be subject to a charge for which the customer will be liable.

5.6  Any account outstanding beyond our credit terms may be passed to a 3rd party debt collection agency and may also become subject to legal and court action. In all cases, all costs, expenses and interest (including those of debt recovery agents and/or solicitors) employed by Critical Hygiene will be owed and payable by the customer to Critical Hygiene.

6.  Delivery

6.1 All orders once cleared for despatch will be delivered by a 3rd party courier service unless otherwise stated.

6.2 The Customer will be advised as to the delivery period at the time of placing the order.

6.3 For cash sales, the goods will be delivered to the address on the order.  For sales to account customers, goods will only be delivered to the address provided by the customer on their account details unless varied in writing.

6.4 Customers must sign for the goods on receipt and if they make themselves unavailable to accept will be responsible for any re-delivery charges imposed by the carrier.

6.5 Any items that are not in stock will be forwarded to the customer as soon as available.

7.  Return of Damaged Goods

7.1 All damaged products must be reported within 24 hours of receipt. Critical Hygiene may collect the goods and offer a replacement once the goods have been assessed.


8.1. Any quote provided by Critical Hygiene will be valid for 28 days unless otherwise specified in the quotation.

8.2  No quotation should be a guarantee as to a price(s). Critical Hygiene reserves the right to increase the quotation due to unforeseen circumstances.

9.  VAT

9.1  All displayed and quoted prices are exclusive of VAT which will be additionally charged where applicable at the current rate as at the time of purchase.

10.  Governing Law and Jurisdiction

10.1   These terms & conditions are to be construed in accordance with the laws of England & Wales and in the event of any dispute or claim associated with these terms & conditions, that dispute or claim shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.


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